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7 things you

may not know

(or may not care

to know) about me

Age 55 (2018)


My birth defect

I required two surgeries to correct a cleft on my upper lip. I used to sport a mustache to cover the scar. Now I believe in baring it and donating to Operation Smile.

Suffered night terrors as a child

Funny what darkness can do to a child going through a highly imaginative phase. Sorry Mom and Dad for keeping you up those nights. Thankfully, that was long ago now that I’m a fan of arthouse horror.

Re-enacting a scene from “The Brady Bunch” didn’t go well

It’s the scene where Bobby and a classmate run to each other for a kiss and an embrace. My scene partner literally ran into me. A doctor treated my wound with 6 stitches.

From the music video “Bones” by The Killers (©2006 The Island DefJam Music Group)

From the music video “Bones” by The Killers (©2006 The Island DefJam Music Group)

The celebrity I closely resemble is . . .

LeVar Burton. The kids called me Kunte Kinte when “Roots” premiered in 1977. I follow his podcast, LeVar Burton Reads.

My stint in community theater

Among other roles, I played Jim the runaway slave in the musical Big River – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in two productions.

My bucket list item: to visit at least one spot in each of the 7 continents 

Being a travel enthusiast and insider, I believe with God’s grace, I’ll make it happen. 1 down (North America), 6 to go.

My name sounds so closely to the Confederate General’s

I intend to play the irony it conjures to the hilt.

Robert D. Lee was born and raised in Thomasville, NC just on the outskirts of the Triad metropolitan areas of Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree while working as a designer in the media industry. He currently lives and works in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA.