Nathaniel Hawthorne

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

Me: My name is Robert and I’m an artist.

Them: Hi, Robert.

Declaring the above statement feels like I’m standing in a group of recovering addicts. But instead of saying it to overcome an addiction, I say it to affirm my commitment. Answering the call to create was something I’ve set aside for years. Then, the urge to make art became overwhelming.


In the past, I’ve treated this branding as a blessing and a curse. Like a milestone reached on a path of stepping stones or,  like The Scarlet Letter worn by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s heroine, Hester. I’ve surrendered to the impulse to lead visitors to observe God’s gifts. I will wear this glorified badge as I establish more permanent marks.

Shown is a coded message on a t-shirt I’ve marked up. What does it say?

Why not mark up a t-shirt of your own? Supplies include a t-shirt, a lettering stencil (optional), a permanent fabric marker and cardboard to protect the opposite side from bleed marks. Use gentle care in washing and drying the t-shirt.

Now get to coding and creating.